b. 1986, HK.

Sensual storytelling for a digital age.

Working alongside world-leading brands such as Chanel, Nike, Alexander Wang and Levi’s, LHS creates groundbreaking experiences and content with a focus on real and imagined touch, visual illusions and sensual aesthetics, under Creative Director Lucy Hardcastle.

This interdisciplinary studio based in London, explores the tensions between physical and virtual worlds through interactive technologies, moving image & animation and 3D visuals, objects and spaces.

About Lucy Hardcastle


Selected clients include;

Alexander Wang, Blacks Visual, Bompas & Parr, Chanel, Channel 4, Frame Publishers, i-D, Levi's, Memphis Industries Records, Ma-tt-er, Nike, Nowness, UAL

Featured press includes;

Riposte Magazine | Creator's Project  |  LS:N Global  |  It's Nice That  |  Wallpaper* Magazine  |   Pitch Zine

Participated talks include;

Nicer Tuesdays Space 10Propela | UAL (LCF) | BetalabHet Nieuwe Instituut